Engine 7 Media

In 3 Steps—

Here’s how we help companies see a return on their media investments:



We start with you, your brand, and business objectives. Then we move on to research and get inside the heads of your target audience. We learn who they are, where they hang out online, the type of content they consume, and what matters most to them.


Video Production

We take the findings from our research and create the RIGHT video to achieve your business objectives.



The “smart video” we create becomes a dynamic tool instead of a static space waster just sitting on your website. Our technical experts will monitor your video’s impact regularly including impressions, click-throughs, engagement, sales and conversion rates. If necessary, we can make adjustments to our strategy in real-time to achieve optimal results and achieve maximum ROI.


Engine7 Media has been producing videos for over 10 years. Through combining video production and digital strategy they are able to create transformative media while maximizing the effectiveness of the videos they create.

In today’s quick changing media landscape, delivering the right message to the right consumers at the right time is a complicated, transformative exercise. The extensive research and campaign design work in our planning phase drives the media strategy to ensure it aligns with brand objectives.

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We handle all of the scheduling and logistics necessary to take what was created during Discovery and bring it to life during production.

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Lights are set and cameras roll. We have a fully equipped media production team of directors, producers, cinematographers, and various media specialists to capture our clients vision.

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Everything comes together in the editing room. We assemble a series of cuts for your review. You send us notes each time. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Until it’s perfect.

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Commercial media activation has become more and more data-driven. This allows our clients to be more precise in their actions, measure results more effectively, and increase returns, regardless of which media options are utilized.

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Equipped with statistics and Key Performance Indicators, our analytics team tracks your results, fine tunes your campaign, and finally, measures your overall Return on Investment. All you have to do is sit back and pat yourself on the back – or ask your boss to do it for you.

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Media Offerings

Forrester rightly stated that, “In the 21st century, companies need to learn how to use digital video to assist in ALL of the company departments; not just their marketing and branding initiatives. With the advent of programmatic buying, companies need new technology tools to help them plan, buy, execute, and measure video campaigns across the entire spectrum of video content and devices.”

Draw visitors into your website with prominently positioned beautiful, engaging media. A well produced video can communicate brand values, product performance, and customer satisfaction in seconds– all without a word being spoken. Incorporating a brief, silent looping piece of media into your website not only creates a beautiful aesthetic, but creates a vehicle for your customers to experience your brand in a whole new way.

Energize your sales with a fresh product video. Whether you’re about to launch a new product, or looking for a piece of media to give an existing line a boost, a product video is a powerful tool. Media can distill complex functionality into simple concepts that make your product easy to understand, and accessible to the market in new ways.

Establish credibility by showing off your track record of success. Hearing vendors talk about themselves grows tiresome, and can be a turnoff for prospective clients. Separate yourself from your competitors by allowing your clients to do the talking for you. In a testimonial video your clients will look their best, and the experiences they share will have new clients feeling at ease and excited about working with you.

Shape what the market is saying about your brand by telling your own story. Our team will work with yours to identify strengths which can be leveraged and gaps that need to be sured up. Depending upon the desired level of engagement, media produced could range from customer testimonials that increase credibility to multi platform awareness campaigns.

Inform your audience about the difference you make. Consumers and employees alike are concerned with the impact the corporations they patronize and work for have on the world. A well crafted CSR piece can positively impact employee satisfaction, customer loyalty, brand awareness, and overall reputation.

Save your HR team time and money by incorporating educational training videos. Leveraging media during new hire orientation will not only streamline the process, but also contribute to workplace consistency, as each employee is taught the same procedures in the same manner. Training videos are also an efficient way to communicate workplace protocol.

Empower your people to embody your brand. Whether you hired an agency to help build your brand, or it is something that has developed organically over time, your brand is essential to your company and its culture. It is as important to communicate its principles internally, as it is to inform your consumer base. If your employees are your company’s body, your brand is its soul. Unite them through media.

For companies in a competitive marketplace, acquiring and retaining top talent is a concern. Media can assist in providing a true representation of a company’s culture and workplace environment in a way that still photographs and company descriptions cannot.